How Not To Make a Light Bulb

Life is trial and error. Mostly error.

Was there even a question? Tony Stark/Iron Man is the BEST.

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I’m strangely obsessed with these “Peter Parker is the son of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers” photosets. They are just hilarious. Whoever came up with these things is a goddamn genius. 

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How to make me cry in 10 words or less, Avengers edition:

  • Bruce Banner: You can't kill me, I know, I've tried.

"According to director Joss Whedon, the original cut of the movie was over 3 hours long. There will be about 30 minutes of the excised footage included in the DVD Release, most of which revolves around Steve Rogers (Captain America). Whedon revealed that one of these scenes involved Rogers struggling to adjust to the modern world in his Brooklyn apartment and another revealed Steve Rogers’ reunion with Peggy Carter, his love interest from Captain America: The First Avenger."

I need to see this now. NOW NOW NOW!!!

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